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La Favorita

On our really first day in Alicante my husband Johan and I were walking through the city centre, on a house search in the different neigborhoods. Arriving at the Mercat Central we looked into Calle Poeta Quintana and said to eachother: “This is a nice street to live!” It was lunch time so we sat down at a restaurant with a red fence. This was La Favorita.
La Favorita team
Carlos, a funny singing waiter was serving us and we saw a lot of vegetarian options. Johan ordered “Patatas de la abuelita veganas” (Grandma´s potatoes with mushrooms, 8,90 Euro) and as a main course the vega burger (from the best brand there is: Beyond Meat, 8,90 Euro) and I ordered “Pulpo con parmentier de patata y costar de pimentón dulce” (Octopus with mashed potatoes and a sweet paprika crust, 15,90 Euro) and from the Menu del Día “Plato de carrilleras en salsa Español” (the cheeks of the cow).
Grandma´s potatoes with mushrooms
Octopus with mashed potatoes
Cheeks of the cow
Above photo 1: Grandma´s potatoes with mushrooms. Photo 2: Octopus. Photo 3: Cow cheeks. I often went back. I love their “Olleta Alicantina” which is a typical local dish from the region, a sweet winter soup with beans. But their deserts are great too. Johan loves their cheese cake and me their “Croqueta de chocolate”. La Favorita became our favorite place and after a few months Carlos called me a “cliente fijo” (regular client). Under photo 1: Olleta. Photo 2: Cheese cake from the oven. Photo 3: Chocolate croquettes. All food pictures copyright by Carol L. Diéguez.
Cheese cake
Chocolate croquettes
La Favorita started two years ago (on the 16th of April 2019). Owner Maria C. Álvarez Camara had signed the contract on the 3rd of April, her birthday. Before La Favorita, waiter Carlos and María had worked together in another restaurant for five years.
Maria is 35 years old, born in Alicante (1986). She has a relation with Coral since two years, who works as a waitress in the restaurant.
You can find La Favorita on Calle Poeta Quintana 6, Alicante city. Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday from 19:00 until 00:00, Wednesday from 12:00 until 17:00 and from 19:00 until 00:00, Thursday from 12:00 until 00:00, Friday from 12:00 until 00:00 and Saturday from 12:00 until 00:30. Sunday closed. Make your reservation: +34-722123937

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